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                                                                               WELCOME TO MY SHOP

For twentyfive years I have collected and sold African art objects found during my numerous visits to the west African countries of Togo, Benin, Burkino Faso, Mali , The Ivory Coast ,and Nigeria ,ect.
In my shop you will be able to find objects selected with experience and taste , antique and more recent , but always guaranteed authentic in respect the centuries old traditions of the various ethnic groups. For example a Dogon mask sold in my shop actually comes from the traditional lands of the Dogon in the Bandajara escarpment ,and is not a semi industrial product made in Cameroon.
Apart from Cult objects made in wood such as masks and statues , you can find in my shop used objects made of Bronze by the ancient lost wax method,Authentic terracotta, antique trade beads of European glass (also Venetian) used for centuries in Trade with Africa.
There are also Prehistoric artefacts , Woven cloth ,and many other interesting finds from my expeditions.

Mauro Calzoni
Abt-Kellerstrasse 16
74722 Buchen
Tel 0049 (0)6281 565709





At the end of the auction procedure , in a short time , an Email will arrive showing you the methods of payment available, for the object you have just bought. The payment of the object and the cost of sending it to you , must be paid within five working days from the closure of the auction, or in the case of multiple acquisitions fifteen days from the end of the auction of the first object.
These are the possible ways of paying .
You can send payment by bank Or  Paypal.



                                                                      COST OF SENDING THE OBJECTS.

The cost of sending the objects from Germany includes packing and insurance up to 500 euro ,in the case of a multiple order the cost of sending will be the price of the most expensive object to send ,plus 2 euro for every other object in the pack.
For example if three objects are sent ,and to the object with highest shipping cost of say 11,90 euro is add 2 euro for every other object ,in the case of three objects that will be 15,90 euro


                                                                   COMBINED AQUISITIONS AND SHIPPING

Its possible to participate in different auctions , buying different things using the "buy it now option " present in my store, do not go through the checkout procedure ,but send me an Email showing the object acquired and the message "MULTIPLE ORDER" with your user name,your order will remain in "STANDBY" for a maximum of 15 days from the first order using this procedure.


                                                                                   SHIPPING SPEED

The pack will be posted within 24 hours of payment, with a usual eventual arrival of 4 to 5 working days.


                                                                                 RIGHT OF RETURN

You can send back an object if it fails to satisfy, without penalty or justification ,by sending an Email to within 15 working days of acquiring the product .The cost of returning the article is the responsibility of the seller only if the object does not correspond to the item description posted in the gallery.


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