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 Casting molds and Lord of the Rings

Casting molds and Lord of the Rings

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 Welcome to Prince August and Mithril. We stock molds / moulds for Napoleonic soldiers, Vikings, Knights, Romans, Nativity, Prussian and Fantasy pieces. Cast your own miniatures or Chess sets. We also have Lord of the Rings and Mutant Chronicles Warzone + Chronopia games, expansions and metal figures
Seven Years War 40mm Scale Moulds
Romans and Ancient Britons
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Regular Discount for Moulds, Metal and casting accessories are as follows:

  • The most expensive postal item is always full price.
  • 25% off postage of additional items.
  • This increases by 10% per 5 items bought, up to 55% applied to 15+ items.
  • You MUST request total from seller to gain this discount.
  • Chess Set moulds have extra discounts, please read their listings for more details.

MITHRIL Miniatures have the Lord of the Rings figures and box sets (dragons).

  • The most expensive postal item is always full price.
  • All additional blister packs are £1.50 postage.
  • 25% off additional Box sets postage.
  • Larger orders, with over 10 items will have an increased discount. £1.25 per blister pack and/or 35% off Box sets.
  • Insurance is required for destinations outside of Ireland for box sets.
  • 'LR' box sets: These rare figures are usually sold in sets of 3. We post a second set for only £2 extra. We may have additional bonuses for getting 3 sets of 3 (like a free figure).
  • You MUST request total from seller to gain these discounts.

WARZONE and CHRONOPIA games, box sets and blisters:

  • The most expensive postal item is always full price.
  • 30% off additional items postage.
  • This discount increases by 10% for every 5 items bought, up to 70% for 20+ items.
  • You MUST request total from seller to gain these discounts.
  • EUROPE ONLY: Buy more than 10 Box sets (not blisters) and get additional 10 items posted for free. E.g.: Buy 20 items consisting of at least 10 box sets and you will get the 50% postal discount on the 9 box sets plus free postage on 10 other items.

MIXES PURCHASES: If you get a mix of Mithril, Prince August moulds or Warzone / Chronopia stock then we will apply discounts as we see fit, usually appling the rules stated above.

We post everything as PRIORITY post, which is uninsured but fairly reliable. If you want to insure it we will give you a tracking number and aid you in any way we can to locate a delayed package. Sometimes it may be sitting in your local post office waiting for pick up. Always insure it. If you order a large amount we may require insurance, or even give it FREE, depending on the order and destination. European large orders weighing over 2 kg will be insured for free usually.

If you live outside of Europe then please just ask for a quote, provide the auction codes so I can get an accurate cost and I will make a fair deal for you. Large international orders (outside Europe) may require multiple packages (each parcel under 2 kg) to keep the cost minimal.


We accept Paypal for ALL auctions and shop.

Paypal is a third party payment service that allows online transactions to be carried out securely. It is owned by Ebay, so that is why it is the recommended option.

Paypal is expensive for sellers as we must pay a set fee and a percentage commission for the entire sale to Paypal everytime. So please ask for a combined invoice first so we only pay the set fee ONCE per transaction.

You can use a credit card or Bank Transfer when using paypal. Go to Paypal and set up a free account.

IF, and only IF, you CANNOT use paypal we will consider other alternatives. We can accept Cheques in Sterling or Euro. Please make them out to 'PRINCE AUGUST'. We will need to wait until the cheque clears before sending out any items. This can take about a week after receipt. Postal orders or Bank Drafts are much quicker payment options.

We feel cash is very risky, but it is your decision. We will only accept Sterling or Euros however. Register any letter with payment so you can track it.

ALWAYS add your name, Ebay I.D., order details, postal address and email to every letter.

Send all such letters to: Attention of Michael O'Brien, webmaster, Prince August Toy Factory, Kilnamartyra Village, Macroom, County Cork, Republic of Ireland.

Note: We do not have a postcode or zipcode in Southern Ireland. We have been here for 30 years so all letters will reach us anyway.

For international orders (USA for example) we ONLY accept PAYPAL or credit card payment direct. We accept Visa and Mastercard and American Express.


If we do not get payment within a reasonable time period (usually 10 days) we will start an ebay 'dispute' so we can begin to reclaim our fees. This takes about a week. If payment is recieved we will cancel the dispute. Otherwise we will reclaim our fees, relist the item and you will get a non-payment strike. We really dislike doing that but we cannot waste time either. Pay promptly and everyone is happy.

If you are going on holiday or something like that then just tell us first.